Academic Solutions

By partnering with educational organizations, eMedrix is able to assist students in preparing for their most important—and challenging—exam, the Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) Examination, regulated by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT). The ultimate goal of education is to provide students with the resources that they need to thrive, and this is exactly what you will be doing when you partner with us! Below are just some of the benefits that your school and your students will access when you use eMedrix. 

  • Convenient study materials: With practice questions, proctored results, performance reports, and other key tools, your students will be able to keep up with their preparations on the go. The convenient e-learning platform is perfect for busy students who don't want to miss a beat when preparing for the COTA Exam. 
  • Measurable progress: With targeted study materials, your students can make certain that they are concentrating on the right subjects by measuring their progress on a topic-by-topic basis. 
  • Exceptional support: At eMedrix, our professionals are standing by to help students learn. This means that they can access support whenever they need it to ensure that they can leverage their study tools effectively. 
  • Classroom essentials: By using our resources in the classroom, your teachers can help students prepare for the COTA Exam using tools that have been developed in accordance with the highest standards. Doing so both improves the quality of education that your students receive and cuts down on the time that your instructors have to spend creating classroom study tools. 

Ultimately, we strive to partner with you in order to offer the best experience possible to today's students. The occupational therapy assistant field is extremely exciting, but it is also quite competitive. With the right resources, though, your students can excel and reach their professional goals.



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