• COTA Success

    The Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) Examination is one of the most important that you will take in your career. Partnering with eMedrix allows students to access study materials and practice tests among others that identify specific content areas to remediate. All exams are designed according to the COTA blueprint.

  • Academic Solutions

    As an Occupational Therapy Assistant you'll have a responsibility within your community. Preparation is key to achieve goals such as passing the COTA examination, with eMedrix; educational institutions can leverage quality study materials to jump start their students' success!

  • Student Development

    Occupational Therapy is an extremely rewarding filed - but it is also a competitive industry. Successful therapists must pass examinations by NBCOT in order to obtain certification and achieve eligibility for many of the top jobs on today's market. Studying for these exams could be a bit stressful, but the truth is that your test prep experience doesn't have to be anxiety-ridden!

All of your studying resources in one convenient location

  • Comprehensive reports that break down your performance and identify key review areas.
  • Practice questions focused on targeted subjects that offer time tracking and detailed rationales.
  • Proctored examinations that allow you to experience the test-taking conditions under which you will complete the COTA Examination.
  • An interactive glossary that features terminology and pronunciation.


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